ThinkValue: A Stock Analysis & Valuation Platform

Automate valuations and and clarify the fundamentals of stocks by shifting from accounting ratios, to valuations driven by financial principles.
By focusing on a structured flow, ThinkValue enables analysts to create valuations with deeper insights.

About Us

We are a network of financial analysts and developers, focused on creating a platform based on core financial principles.

Our approach is influenced by Astwath Damodaran's valuation models & lectures. We strive to create internally-consistent models focusing on the cash flows, growth, and risk.


ThinkValue is in active development, and we are constantly rolling out new features. If you have any suggestions for improvement we would be happy to talk.
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Practical Disclaimer

ThinkValue is a platform for analysts, portfolio managers and investors that have an understanding of finance. The platform is meant to help you analyze stocks, not provide investment strategies.

If you are just starting out, please consult a professional, as we do not solicit or sell securities, nor do we help with your financial planning. Analyzing a company and knowing what to do with the information are two different skill sets.

The platform reflects your assumptions for the future performance of publicly traded companies, which you can modify to come up with your estimated value for stocks. Valuation is a powerful tool, but if you don't have experience with it, you will quickly end up confirming your existing beliefs.

ThinkValue does not provide financial advice, and we are not registered advisors. This means that you may be waving certain investor protections if you use the platform for investment planning.

About Our Data

Our raw data provider is FMP, and we do all of the calculations ourselves. Our goal is to present insights that are directionally accurate, and at a high level of analysis. Data integrity varies and we employ a number of data cleaning and recalculation methods. If something is too good to be true, it likely is an error and you should always validate the data from original sources such as the before completing your analysis. You can frequently find the original sources in the SEC filings section on individual pages.

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What We Offer

All of ThinkValue's future improvements and features will be free for the first 1000 subscribers.


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