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Ticker Company Market Cap Industry
AAPL Apple Inc. $3.5T Consumer Electronics
MSFT Microsoft Corporation $3.4T Software - Infrastructure
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation $3.2T Semiconductors
GOOGL Alphabet Inc. $2.3T Internet Content & Information
AMZN, Inc. $2T Specialty Retail
META Meta Platforms, Inc. $1.3T Internet Content & Information
LLY Eli Lilly and Company $901B Drug Manufacturers - General
TSLA Tesla, Inc. $792B Auto - Manufacturers
AVGO Broadcom Inc. $792B Semiconductors
WMT Walmart Inc. $557B Discount Stores

Fundamentals That Matter

Cash Flows

Cash Flows Analysis
  • Unlevered Free Cash Flow
  • Levered Free Cash Flow
  • Reinvestment


Revenue Growth TTM
  • Revenue Growth
  • Market Implied Growth
  • Cyclicality


Risk - Capital Structure
  • Cost Of Capital
  • Cost Of Equity
  • Cost Of Debt

Build Robust DCF Valuation Models

Valuation Forecasts Table

Beyond Analysts' Estimates

DCF Valuation Output
  • Reveal market estimates with a reverse DCF
  • Test different scenarios
  • Compare single-stage & multi-stage models
  • Analyze a stock's sensitivity to fundamentals

Find Good Companies

Analyze profit, growth, returns, and risk

At Fair Prices

With automated intrinsic valuations



  • Multiples
  • EPS
  • Analyst estimates
  • Static spreadsheets
  • Intrinsic value
  • Free cash flows
  • Implied estimates
  • Auto spreadsheets

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Frequently asked questions

What companies can I value using ThinkValue?

We have single-stage DCF, and multi-stage free cash flow to the firm (unlevered) DCF valuation models, suitable primarily for non-financial service publicly listed companies.

You can also use our spreadsheet template, allowing you to create detailed valuations.

How detailed can I make a valuation model?

There are three levels of detail to our models:

  • Single stage DCF models, where you input the future free cash flows, growth, and discount rate in order to get the intrinsic value of an asset.
  • Multi-stage free cash flow to the firm DCF model, where you input growth, profitability, and reinvestment drivers for the next 10 years, and the rest is built-in.
  • Multi-stage expanded model, where you can additionally tweak tax rates, returns on invested capital across the span of the valuation.

Finally, you can tweak the full valuation model by using our spreadsheet.

How much does ThinkValue cost?

We are still in development and provide the platform free of charge.

If you are a business or like what we do, you can hire us to boost your in-house models and conduct equity analyses including reports and writeups.

How do I report errors in the data?

We appreciate any error and bug reports. Keep in mind that the analyses aren't created at an accounting level of detail, but serve as a general direction to help you value a company.

For individual data point errors, you can directly edit them within the spreadsheet.

Make sure you double check the financial data with the SEC references typically found at the bottom of every report.

Will ThinkValue make more analyses?

Every analysis we build is tailored to be helpful in some aspect of a valuation.

While we are constantly building new analyses, we use a structured approach and aim to go in-depth, instead of producing a large number of surface analyses.

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